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We are now webcasting over 4 different streams - from 200kbps (for slower regional internet connections) up to a 1.2Mbps HD stream.

QualityStream BitrateApproximate download size for watching entire webcast*

* Download sizes are approximate, and assume watching the same stream for the full webcast coverage (from 15min prior to start).

If you notice that the stream is stopping and starting, please click on the selected Quality in the bottom-right corner of the player and manually select a lower bandwidth version of the stream.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to view the webcast?

We recommend viewing the webcast from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 1,500Kbps (1.5Mbps).

To test your speed, go to

Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on WiFi and mobile internet), so running 3 tests is recommended. Ideally, your bandwidth should be greater than 1.5Mbps (1,500Kbps) or greater to be able to view the webcast without interruption.

Does my browser require any plug-ins?

The webcast requires that you have both Adobe Flash and Java installed.

Always use the latest version of Adobe Flash. Check your version of Adobe Flash (and upgrade if necessary) at the following link:

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Java:

Is there a Test Stream that I can check?

You can view a test stream by visiting the following link:

View the Test Stream here

We've selected the Volvo Ocean Race channel - if you can see video straming at the link above, you should be fine to receive the webcast on the 26th of June.

How do I watch the webcast in full screen?

Move your mouse over the webcast Player and click the "Full" button to enter Full Screen mode.

Can I view the webcast on a mobile device?

You can view the webcast by connecting to the Marriage Webcast website, logging into the site and then viewing the webcast as you would on your desktop PC. Please ensure that you select a low bandwidth version of the stream. Please note also that you need Flash to view the webcast - iPhones do not currently support Flash.

Login to the Webcast Portal here.