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Christopher Pearson
Columnist for 'The Australian'

Christopher Pearson has been a national columnist since 1997, currently with the Weekend Australian newspaper. He has served on the board of SBS, the National Museum of Australia and The Australia Council. He is a former speechwriter for John Howard and the former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. Since 1994 he has been Tony Abbott's editor for his three books and all major speeches. He founded the The Adelaide Review in 1985 and was the editor and part owner of the magazine until he sold it in 2002.

Christopher became an Anglican in his teens and considered joining the priesthood but same-sex attraction in his early twenties led him to abandon the Church of England. The fear of AIDS led him to virtual chastity and refusing to see sexual orientation as his primary identifier.

In 1999 Christopher converted to Catholicism. In an opinion piece celebrating his 10th anniversary of his reception into the Catholic Church Christopher reconciled his decision: "Despite my apprehensions that Catholicism wasn't going to be a bed of roses, it was clear to me that if I wanted to return to the practice of the faith, there was nowhere else to go. I could never have been happy as a gay Christian -- with or without a rainbow sash -- because it always seemed to me a contradiction in terms. There was no getting around the fact the New Testament said we were all meant to be chaste or monogamously married and I had reluctantly concluded that St Paul was right about homosexual sex."

Christopher lives in Adelaide and attends the Church of the Holy Name, Stepney.