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Who is behind the event?

This event is produced by the Australian Christian Lobby.

What time is the event?

The webcast will stream live from 7.30pm 8:45pm AEST. If you live in South Australia, the webcast will stream live at 7:00pm 8:15pm. If you live in Western Australia, the webcast will be delayed 2 hours and stream at 7.30-8:45pm local time.

Will the panellists give advice on how I can have a better marriage?

No, the purpose of this event is not to deal with couples issues within marriage. These are pastoral issues and there are many organisations and ministries that deal with these issues including your local church. Rather the panel will address the state of marriage in Australia and the value of the biblical understanding of marriage. We hope that you will go away with a great appreciation for marriage between a man and a woman and why, when you do have challenges in your marriage, you commit to work through them for the benefit of each other, your family, community and society.

Can I watch this at home?

No, the registration for the webcast is available to churches only. The purpose of the event is to bring the church community together on the Tuesday evening and to hear collectively about marriage and create an opportunity to discuss marriage within your church.

My church is not hosting the webcast - where can I watch it?

If your local church is unable to host the event then please check the church locations page to see if you can find a nearby church which is hosting the web stream.

How much does it cost to register for the webcast?

The webcast costs $110 (including GST) per church to participate. This helps recover the costs for putting on the event. However, we don't want cost to be a prohibitive factor - especially for smaller churches. Please contact the ACL office on 02 6259 0431 if the cost is an issue for your church.

Will the webcast be available after the event?

Yes, the video will be uploaded to this website after the event to watch.

Can I be a part of the live audience?

No, due to a limited number of seats available, this is an invite-only event.

Can I ask a question for the panel to answer?

You can submit a question to the panel via the "Ask a Question to the Panel" button. Questions should relate to marriage and relevant to the purpose of the event.

What are the technical requirements I need to host a live webcast?

Click here for details of the technical requirements for the webcast.