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A Christian panel of experts will answer the big questions facing Australian contemporary society when it comes to marriage in a live discussion in front of an audience on Tuesday 26th June, 2012.

Do Christian values and ideals for marriage still matter? Should marriage remain between a man and a woman in today's world? Can Christians continue to advocate for the biological meaning of marriage publicly? What does research say about the benefit of man-woman marriage and the importance of children being raised where possible by their biological parents?

Hosted by Karl Faase, Senior Pastor of Gymea Baptist Church in Sydney's south, he'll put the big questions Christians want answered to the panel:

  • John Anderson, former deputy Prime Minister
  • Professor Patrick Parkinson, AM specialist in family law, child protection
  • Christopher Pearson, columnist for The Australian
  • Patricia Weerakoon, sexologist
  • Dr Allan Meyer, pastor and author
  • Helen Meyer, educator and counsellor

Register your church today and join this unique event to hear about the biblical understanding of marriage and why it still matters.